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Plan B Consultancy is a boutique agency offering coaching, EDI consultancy and training services to individuals and companies across the globe. With a proven track record, Plan B delivers affordable, effective and tangible results.

A tailored approach to communication with experience spanning three continents; Plan B have a unique gift for bringing together diverse target markets to affect real change in businesses.

the plan b process.



We will work with you to get to the heart of your business and identify potential areas of improvement.



We will craft a tailor-made plan of action based on your own specific aims and objectives.



We will put the plan into action, delivering tangible results to enhance your business whilst setting you apart from the competition.

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For any enquiries you can email me directly on: rajvinderu@planbconsultancy.co.uk; call me on +447971 235149 or skype: rajvinderuppal1.


Rajvinder is a creative, go-getter who can manage to deliver media production projects within the deadlines. She has a complete 360 degrees understanding of all the film processes, layered with her experience and expertise.

Manu Khera
Big Bang Innovations Pvt Ltd

I had the pleasure of working with Rajvinder in the UK when she was undertaking some MBA related work, alongside her film consultancy work. Rajvinder had the ability to juggle her MBA studies, consultancy work and ongoing coach training yet still remain meticulous in her detail and approach with her ever ready good spirit, maintain global travel and integrate and inspire others.

Abid Shah
Carillion PLC

I had the pleasure of working with Rajvinder whilst I was MBA student at Newcastle University Business School. Rajvinder was an extremely professional and highly motivated team member. I would happily endorse Rajvinder to any business and hope to work with her again in the future.

Mike Shakhomirov MBA
SaleCycle Ltd

Ridiculously efficient, uniquely observant, courageous and smart come to mind when I think of Rajvinder. Not only great at her work but a bright entertaining and warm personality with dry wit and embracing team spirit. Rajvinder's work trajectory and global knowledge and smarts, truly set her apart and I have no hesitation in working with Rajvinder again and recommending her to others.

Philip Whelan
Cineflix Media Inc.